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After decades of innovation, The Netherlands now exports around 90% of what they produce.

The Dutch are paving the way proving to the world that their affirmation “producing twice as much food using half as many resources” can become true.

The Dutch growing season starts in late January and comes to an end around October. This extended season is thanks to the high percentage of Dutch produce grown under glass.

So, despite its size, how did the Netherlands become one of the largest fresh produce growers and exporters in Europe?

Dutch Agriculture is an example to the world. In a recent Sir David Attenborough documentary, he mentions The Netherlands and how the world could look towards them as a sustainability example for the future. He goes on to say:

“The Dutch have become experts at getting the most out of every hectare. Despite its size, the Netherlands is now the world’s second-largest exporter of food.”

So, why are they so great at growing? The answer, Greenhouse horticulture.

The Netherlands is a perfect example of how to use greenhouse horticulture to cultivate more food using less land. They have become masters of making agriculture efficient by increasing food production per hectare in addition to reducing costs through new technology.

Horticulture is the art of cultivating plants that are directly used by humans for food, medical purposes and/or aesthetic gratification (flowers). The type of horticulture The Netherlands is famous for is ‘Greenhouse Horticulture’, which means; they grow half of their export value of fruit and vegetables in large greenhouses.

Although greenhouses can exert large amounts of energy, they are generally more sustainable in comparison to other types of agriculture. They use less water, pesticides and fertiliser.

Greenhouses are essentially a controlled atmosphere allowing growers to create the perfect environment to help their produce grow, leading to a higher return per unit area. The technical expertise within agriculture found in The Netherlands ensures fantastic fresh produce year on year.

Our own exclusive trademarked brand of Dutch and Spanish-grown salad products are produced in greenhouses giving us the optimum yield. The controlled environment helps us to produce a premium range of cucumbers, capsicums, aubergines and tomatoes.

For such a tiny area of Europe, The Netherlands punches well above its weight in food production.

Fresh Delight grown in The Netherlands

Fresh Delight is our own exclusive trademarked brand for a full range of Dutch and Spanish grown salad lines. Fresh Delight is grown and packed in the Netherlands during our Dutch season. Although originally only used for tomatoes, the brand’s success led us to roll it out to include other products – namely capsicums, cucumbers, cherry vine tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and Chinese leaves.

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