About Us.

The Dutch side of the business is known as Vitaal Europe and has a large depot & offices in Poeldijk near Rotterdam and a trading office in Emmen in the north of the Netherlands.

Having the two sites provides local expertise in both glasshouse production and open field.

In addition to our trading office, we have our own cold-storage, pre-packing and order-picking facility in Poeldijk otherwise known as Solvit Handling that is BRC Storage & Distribution certified.

Poeldijk Depot

In 2004 we set out on a strategy to develop a European fresh produce trading network.

And the best place to start with that is the hub of the fresh produce industry for the whole of Europe – Rotterdam.

We opened up our own procurement, storage and trans-shipping operation called Vitaal Europe. This is now one of the largest parts of our business operating from our own depot in Poeldijk which is one of the biggest produce trading estates in Europe just between Rotterdam and The Hague.

Our team in Poeldijk offers a wide range of produce and work in conjunction with our Spanish business in Almeria to ensure a year-round supply of greenhouse crops. As well as providing produce in standard packaging, we are able to offer a bespoke packing, pallet-collation, labelling and cold-storage services to clients.

Emmen Office

In 2009 we extended our presence in the Netherlands with a new trading office in Emmen.

The Emmen office is situated in the North East of the Netherlands in the Drenthe region. Here our team specialise in the sales and procurement of open field products. Whilst the UK is an important market for them, the majority of sales are made into Eastern Europe, the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

The office is situated very close to the German border where we have some of the largest cauliflower and iceberg producers in Europe. These products, together with onions, cabbage, leeks, Chinese leaves, broccoli and carrots are the key product lines of the business.

The logistics side of our Emmen office differs to our Poeldijk depot. Customers buying from our Emmen office procure full loads and collect directly from trusted growers. This style of trading helps to keep costs to a minimum for the customer.

Working under the Nationwide Produce PLC group banner provides security and buying power to both the Emmen office and Poeldijk depot. This allows the team to supply their customers quickly with the best produce at a competitive price.

Vitaal Europe’s customer journey

Customer service is a core focus throughout the Nationwide Produce PLC group. This is why once a customer places their order, we aim to deliver it within 24 hours. 

Our Poeldijk office works closely with Solvit Handling to provide customers with the option of mixed pallets. The collaboration and forward thinking allow us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Vitaal Europe – Poeldijk

ABC Westland 439, 2685 DE Poeldijk,
Tel +31 (0)174 639060

Vitaal Europe – Emmen

Boermarkeweg 50 f, 7824 AA Emmen,
Tel +31 (0)591 656440